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So I've been absent minded with school and work for the past four weeks. But the good news it I'm not dead. I just found time to write now at 5:45 in the morning ^^

Recently though I've been sick and I'm basically over it now. But to topoff the end of my illness I oull a muscle ^^ YAY! I was playing six square with the kids at the daycare I work for and I really hit the ball wrong and over extrended my wrist. My hand went all fuzzy and I sharp pain formed at the base od my eblow. It was great fun. A relayable source told me to take medication and that It'd be a week before I'd start feeling better. Well it'sday two, which out taking drugs and my arm feels pretty good. Not perfect cuz there is an uncomfortable feeling to stretching the muscle in my forearm.

I also decorated cupcakes yesterday. I figured I'd be an over achevier and make the cake walk cupcakes a whole day in advance.. or two days, but then Ithought I'd take a bit more than a dozen up to stage craft to pass out as a treat (and to get reactions as to how they look). Then again, these cupcakes are decorated so little kids will be eager to take them. Oh well. And Bella Morte, please act surprised when I bring them in even if you read this ^^

Okay, That's all I have to relay. Oh and get excited for the new lay out!

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