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Bella Morte : I've Been Here Once Before

OMG, she speaks! We have not abandoned you. Well, completely. When you know the people on the site it's not that hard to imagine us biting off more than we can chew. AKA: All of us almost always have something going on besides day to day life and the site. For some it was simply their job and hard school work, for others, like myself, they hadn't realized the commitment they were making to a project until the project was half finished.

All you guys need to know is that we have been working for quite some time on the new layout. It was due to be released back at the beginning of November, but got pushed back a few times because I was too busy to make all the last minute adjustments that take place when seeing if site coding is working properly. I was working on a production from late October all the way until right before Finals, which sorry to say come before the site. Now I'm trying to get everything back together to finish what I started. Trust me there are quite a few people already on my case about the wait. The wait shouldn't be much longer, can you guys work with New Years Day? 

Anyway, just remember that the staff, while loving every minute we get to be part of the Twilight Universe, has their own hectic lives to deal with. 

Love to the Vincers out there. 

Bella Morte

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