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Stay awake for me, I don't want to miss anything

Listening to this Secondhand Serenade song all day called Awake because randomly, after working on my amazing Halloween costume until 6 in the morning, I got mad sick.  I am talking couldn't eat and definitely didn't move much sick.  I spent most of the day in bed and finally, now, after taking way too much Tylenol and other faux pain stuff, I can sit up for a while and finally check up on all the weekend news.  Luckily, not too much beyond the whole cd party thing which I will update as soon as possible.

PS-Pre-order a copy of the soundtrack at Hot Topic and get a special surprise.  I am hoping it is a t-shirt, but it will probably just be a pin or something simple like that. 

Anyway, I am still trucking on my research and reading, I have now compiled a grand total of 500 pages!!!  Most of it is really interesting too. 

Anyway, about this song.  It is called Awake by Secondhand Serenade.  They actually have two songs I absolutely adore, Awake and another called Fall for You.  Both are kind of about the same thing and both make me think of Twilight and the amazing love between Edward and Bella.  The lyrics are amazing and completely heart-wrenching.  The first time I heard both I kind of teared because they were so beautiful and who wouldn't want someone to say those kinds of things to you.

Well, that is about all the gushing the pain in my stomach is going to let me do tonight. 

Later Days
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