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Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Wow it's been ages since posting here. Really sorry about that. I suppose I feel like my life is very mundane that it might be torture for one to read about how dull it is. But! I thought this morning was too amazing to pass up an opportunity to talk about it.

   So today, well this morning really, has been probably one of the best I can think of. First Waking up to the sound of chirping birds (both real and artificial). Though I was tired, it was a real treat to hear chirping birds early in the morning. I think the birds around my home are just quiet.

    Then I drive home from my friends house and I get to enjoy the scenary of the hillside and mountains with the sun's glow resting upon them. Even though the port of Tacoma is normally dull and unexciting to look at, this morning it just seemed beautiful.

    And the final thing to top if off was to sit in the Starbucks drive through for a good 10 or 20 minutes waiting to get my order and pay. Once I got to the window, the lady handed me my drink and I'm handing over my money, but she informs me that the car in front of me paid for my order. "Really?" Was all I can say. I was super surprised and now have a dieing urge to figure out who did that.

    Yet as I finished my drive home it was nice to know that people can still be kind. Sometimes I wonder if I am too self absorbed or unaware of people in general to the point where I only think I'm a good kind and loving person. I suppose when you receive kindness from a stranger at any given point in your life there's inspiration to evaluate your situation and relationships with those you do and don't know. Why not surprise the person behind by paying for their coffee (or hot cocoa in my case) or ask if someone who looks really burdened with bags if they could use an extra hand. Heck, even letting the person with one item, who might have all the time in the world, cut in front of you at the check out stand. Just simple things that I think I ought to be able to do as often as the situation arises, but maybe I don't look for them as hard as I ought.

Anywho. I just thought I'd note this wonderful morning.



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