Hales: Dontcha Wish...

You were a staff member like me? Haha. Well, I guess it's up to who you are.

We had a very... interesting staff meeting today. Lets just say there was lots of laughter and an occasionally confused Ryujin. =D

And, I think it was Duarte's first staff meeting, so she probably thinks we're all insane. Which, I must say, isn't that far from the truth...

Uhm, I'm not exactly sure what the point of my post was, so...


Diviner: We should of had the sun

Well we seem to have lost the sun, and entered the shlog of fall. But fear not it is said to be returning this weekend (despite what Bella Morte says.............), because you see Mother Nature has decided Bella Morte's 18th birthday should have the sun shine on a very decidely unsunny individual (she loves the PNW cuz' of the rain and Edward Cullen).  And considering how incrediibly brilliant she is, it is a true reflection of who she is deep inside.  OK enough of the gush (she means more than you'll ever know), as you can see we have been almost unplugged from the site.  So many irons, so many fires.........hopefully this coming week we'll bring ourselves back around. We've added new staff (HELLO DUARTE!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLY AWESOME AND COOL), and have some cool things on hand. Of course this will come once we're all back awake. Anyhoo, we seems to be fast approaching the great and powerful date...............TWILIGHT MOVIE OPENING (sorry Barack)!! With this in mind I have a question for all:
Poll #1275830 Final Twilight Trailer

Final Trailer thoughts

There just isn't enough Emmett
That really should be me instead of Bella
Trailer, what trailer (duh)?
Well until we meet again (I mean the staff), I leave you with a CULLEN BOY QUOTE OF THE DAY:
"Hell, yes!.....We can find some other way to a pick a fight with this Demetri." Emmett Cullen, New Moon, p. 534
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Hales: Cause I'm Moving So Fast We Call It Rock and Rollin'

Hey everyone! Appologies for not being around much. I promise you I have a good reason! It's called the hectic times of high school mixed with homework mixed with band mixed with, well, me taking care of myself... I got my braces off today, which was an exciting thing! I got to get my retainers fitted tomorrow. YAY!

Anyway, this is gonna be a short post from me. I just wanted to say a quick WELCOME to Duarte, the newest member of the Vinc staff! She'll be posting TONS of news on the site, no doubt, 'cause she's cooler than me. =) So welcome Duarte! Don't worry, you'll learn the ropes pretty fast. I know I did...

And for those of you who actually read this and care to know, this week and next week are my busiest weeks. I have MAJOR band stuff next week. Then the week after next is the week of our State competition, then I'm done! So I should be back and crackin' at the site in two weeks. If I'm not, please feel free to email me at hales@twilightvinculum.com and scream (or type) your lungs out at me. Seriously, feel free to record yourself yelling at me and send it to me.

That'd be cool.

Anyway, I'll be back then and if I'm not, I'm sure I'll get in trouble. Until then, my dear Vincers.

Adieu, adieu.

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Hales: How Did We Get Here?

<-- Yes, please don't kill me! I'm sorry I haven't been around! IB's a crazy program and band is in the insane, practice every day mode, so I don't have much time for anything other than school work!

And to add on top of it, I have to pick colleges I'll be applying to by the end of this year, which is early. Yay for family.

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't done anything really on the myspace or anything. Like I said, a lot's been happening. I'm pretty sure that's the same with all the other staff members too. Life's crazy.

Anyway, I don't know how active I'll be through out October, but November I should be back. We'll see.

Until then, my friends...

Hales: When You Start Talking, I Start Walking

OMG! She's actually alive!

Well... just barely. Don't send the fruit baskets just yet.

Anyway, sorry I haven't been doing anything, really as of the past month or so. Once school started, my life got swept with horror and shock. Ok not that bad, either. I'm just tired and brain dead. And when I'm tired and brain dead, I'm pretty melodramatic, too. But hey! It's life!

Anyway, I just wanted to be the third person from the staff to post here and say hey! Check it! We finally got a livejournal account! YAY! The other good thing about this is now I have my very own livejournal, so if anyone's ever interested about just MY life, not related to the Vinculum, then you can just check out my personal livejournal. Beware, though. It'll probably be filled with crap about me and my guy problems and my day to day life and whatnot. So if you like that stuff, then by all means, check it out!

But tonight, I am going to go to bed because I am TIRED! Seriously.

Oh, and no more Cullen boy quotes. Sorry!

See ya on the flip side, Vincers!


Eclissi Piccolo: Now that she's back in the atmosphere

Okay, she's not back, but a dear friend of mine has returned from China!  YAY!!! He's alive and well and for taking Chinese one year, he speaks it quite well. He is freezing now and has hopefully caught up on his sleep. He stayed up 30 hours just so he could see me (aww <3) and now I can't wake him up. So I hope the jet lag wears off quick.

He brought back this cool puzzle, that at first look I thouhght it might be a chinese rubrix cube. It is a 3x3x3 cube that is brown and green, but when I held it, it felt like it was gonna fall apart. My friend reached over and said, "this is a puzzle Meri, and you have to now make this line of blocks become the 3x3x3 cube again." in the process of telling me that he unwinds the block into a kinked kind of line. I think it took me 20 mins to figure it out, but it definately was fun.
Ville Valo 13

Bella Morte: Took Another Chance

As you can see this is a completely different page than the original Vinculum Log. That is due to the fact that we never recieved any feedback from our original blog and decided to go more main stream so that we could really interact with the fans of our site. The lovely layout is from thefulcrumwhich is one of my favorite livejournal layout communities. Hopefully in the future we will have a manager for this specific blog to control layout decisions and such. For now what you see is what you get.

Anyway, Twilight Vinculum will be lagging a little behind with overall site developement during the end of the month due to some staff members already bogged down by school, the rest of the staff finally going back to college, and one of our major members moving. Not to worry though there are great things to come in November for the patient. Also you will be getting everything from our trip Forks for Stephenie Meyer day and all that cool stuff.

We will be doing livejournal specific affiliates for any communities that would like to join us as an affiliate. Just send a message to me and I'll add you.